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Sugar Cubes (2008)

All composed & recorded during February 2008 with extremely low tech. We had fun. Enjoy.

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Juuso Kuivila: When not going on and on about all sorts of music an drinking tea, he may be heard attempting to play most instruments that happen to be available. A famed sugar cube soloist. Kaisa Halonen: An excellent bass player and violinist, Kaisa is possibly the person who truly defined the concept of the band on a hot summer day some years ago while jamming with Juuso and Tero. Aurelia "Amy" Mäkynen: A classically trained flutist and singer. Usually also the supportive, positive force in the band, listening to the craziest ideas. Tero Matero: Enthusiastic about music and well known for his collection of prog rock, Tero is an infinite power supply for the band. Tero also brews excellent coffee and plays multiple instruments.

Juuso "Kuivila: Piano, guitar, ocarina, harmonica, glass Kaisa Halonen: Violin, bass Aurelia Mäakynen: Flute Tero Matero: Guitar, cup of tea, spoon


New Age

Completed Albums

Sugar Cubes(2008)

All composed & recorded during February 2008 with extremely low tech. We had fun. Enjoy.

First Shuffle
B??rje Fr?•n Norge
Penguins and Cookies
Second Shuffle   (preferred)
Desrever Niar
Ocarina Blues
Final Shuffle
Recovery (Outro)